I have been composing music for orchestra and various classical ensembles for over a decade,  and have professional experience writing  for indie films,  licensing,  and live performances.   I am available to write symphonic music for new media projects,  films,  commercials and commissions - I can do large scale works,  or short and catchy jingles;  played by humans or computer based; and I do it the old fashioned way - manually writing notes on the page...  like a real man ; ) 

A Song for Strings in G, performed by a quintet.. composed by Myles Brown in 2006 Jonathan Wright Violin Ricky Shroeder Violin Sherrod Mitchell Viola Daniel Holloway Cello Gabe Monticello Bass Recorded by Alex Lowe at Red Tuxedo

A piece for small Orchestra played by cheap plug ins , in Logic. need some humans to play it ;)

*You can License some of my early orchestral music for online ads, business presentations,  or some easy listening through AUDIOSOCKET